Lieselot IJsendoorn, Fine Artist, Media artist and Photographer.
Photo's, 3D Video-sculptures and Workshops.

This versatile artist also designs innovative artistic strategies and workshops that connect art and social innovation.

Lieselot IJsendoorn is a media artist and photographer. Born in 1967 in Amsterdam, Holland. Freelance photographer [1986 1990] Graduated in1994 at the Department of Media Art of the Academy of Modern Art [AKI] in Enschede. In 1997, Lieselot obtained her Master of Fine Arts [MFA] Degree from the Dutch Art Institute.
Her work includes research into the undiscerning side of humanity, playing with our perception and at how remarkable it functions. While resident in Rotterdam at present, Lieselot has both an independent and international art career with exhibitions in Europe, Canada and the Russian Republic.

Short statement:
We humans see, what we think we see. But do we see what really is? In my media art, and games I play with the human perception and hour blind spots in it. Spectators are invited to become a participant and become aware of these blind spots. Play along, and experience a shift of "reality".


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